2 Reasons You MUST Learn To Code

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First of all, a disclaimer: follow this advice with a grain of salt. Because it does not come from a 50 year multi-million dollar worth entrepreneur. This comes from a teenage blogger and freelancer, who thinks he knows the importance of coding skill. Learning to code does not mean mastering it. So those of you who think I am asking you to sit in front of computer, writing code for 18 hours straight. The type of code you ought to learn to code needs no more than 14 hours investment per week. This may look like a lot of time, but in reality, the return on investment you get is tremendous. But then obviously time is priceless and we cannot say that 14 hours is worth 10 million you make after learning to code and launching a big shot Android app.

Learn to code a few languages. Not necessarily the most profitable or easiest or most functional languages. Any languages do fine as long as it’s exposure to code, to technical know how. As of this writing, HTML, CSS & PHP are only languages in my armory. And I definitely want to grow this list or at least get better at current languages.

Without further ado, 2 reasons you must learn to code.

– It’s fun.

Yeah, it’s really a thrilling experience to know you are commanding a computer. To know your little piece of code is actually communicating with computer, it’s listening to you. To realise that this machine is useless without thousands of lines of code written by developers. It’s mind-opening realization, that even though you may have assumed computers are smart, they are nothing but a bunch of written code webbed together, following human orders.

That’s the fun part. Plus… it’s fun to know logic, if else statements, functions, variables, OOP and other stuff. It’s pure joy to know what you can do with programming know-how.

– It’s rewarding

In terms of money, coding can be really rewarding. Software developers tend to earn more than other professionals, I believe. And this paycheck can be incremented if you don’t just sit on your ass and add more skills to your armory. More often than not, it’s about how good you know your languages. The better you are at PHP, more you are useful to the organization or software house you are employed at. On the basis of your skillset and qualifications, you can demand bigger salary.


Learn to code. It’s not too late. Not so you can become the next Mark Zuckerberg, but so you can at least know how to put together a website; how to build a basic Android app; and how computers work. This stuff is miraculous. But you won’t know nor believe my words. Not unless you go out in the field and try it yourself at Codeacademy.

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