3 Reasons You Need to Quit Facebook

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Most of you know that I hate Facebook and am not its user. Reason? Well, instead of one I will give you three primary reasons that you need to deactivate your account. I have been a Facebook in and off for last 5 years. 2016 is the year, I quit it totally and it’s been paying off. Of course, it’s the garbage-filled social network or maybe it’s my feed or people I follow who suck. Regardless of that, it’s not at all rare to find God-awful shit on the network, which is totally unbearable.

Vines, vines & vines

They are good, I admit. So good that I found myself constantly watching these little clips by Bekaar Vines, Karachi Vynz, Khujlee Vines, etc. Of course, this mostly happened when procrastination mode was activated :P. While they are great for entertainment purposes, but when watched in excess, they can totally ruin your productivity.

I bet, you have binged-watched vines once :P. Sure, the vines are also hosted on Youtube, but never found watching ’em on Youtube.

Negative news

There is no dearth of negative news on FB. No dearth at all! It’s like an overflowing well of depressive crap! I don’t know about you, but negativity is directly proportional to upset mode, which is inversely proportional to productivity.

It’s time wasting

FB, from every single angle, has been developed to keep users hooked for long time. The more time users spend on FB, the better off FB will be. It’s simple Maths. So believe it or not, your are being psychologically played to keep you hooked on the network and they justify it by saying that “you are in touch with friends & family”! Oh hell, if you cared enough about being in touch, you could have done that without a network that consumes 90% of the time making you watch vines.


This is an opinion piece and opinions are subject to change. I am not against FB, instead excess use of it. Of course, if one wants he can moderate the use, which will be a wise decision.

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