5 Freakin’ Tips to Become Blog Commenting King for 2016

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Commenting has been one of my favorite time-pass activities. Though nowadays, I don’t comment much. But it used to be a pretty productive way to spend time. It was more of a hobby than a professional tactic for blogging gains. Blog commenting in 2016 is not the hottest topic, because its highest peak was in 2011 I guess. In a nutshell, you get tonnes of exposure, some traffic and Google bots crawling all over your site! Not just that, with regular blog commenting within a certain community, you tend to be known. To be known is marketing. And.. where you are spending 20+ hours/week making an awesome blog, why not spend some on marketing side? Ever heard of the 50/50 rule?

It simply states that for optimum profits, spend 50% time on building the product and 50% on promoting that product. To only be focused entirely on the product with no care for marketing it will be fool’s plan. Because you see even if you built a software better than MS Office, it won’t stand a chance of with dominant market share, unless it is marketed like hell! Where does blog commenting fit into that? Well, you will know that at the end.

Regardless in this post, we will learn the benefits of blog commenting in 2016. We will also learn 5 tips to become blog commenting king!

Why Blog Commenting in 2016?

Put in plain and simple: Not as many people are doing as they used to do. Probably because most comments do not supply a follow link. There are two types of links from SEO-standpoint; follow and nofollow. A nofollow link is one with rel=”dofollow” in its <a> code like this: <a href=”http://thisismairaj.com” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>A link</a>.

This rel=”nofollow” link attribute is used by search engines to determine if a certain link is to be followed or nofollowed, or has to pass link juice or not. The difference is that with follow link or lack of nofollow link attribute, you are telling search engines to influence that link’s ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Since by default, WordPress links the name by which you comment to your website, there are a lot of links you can gain by just commenting.

And since follow links distribute link juice which is a metric used to instruct influence of search ranking of a said link, there used to be a lot of potential links to gain from blog commenting alone. However this all changed when WordPress turned all comment links to nofollow, directly telling search engines to give no link juice to comment links, the benefit for links was lost. However there are still blogs that allow for dofollow links.

Aside from that, following are the benefits of blog commenting:

  • Credibility, Reputation : Let’s suppose you commenting internet marketing community a lot. With good quality comments on a lot many blog posts, people will tend to you notice you being everywhere in the internet marketing niche, right? If comments are GOOD, you will become popular and known. And… that’s almost always good.
  • Exposure : Since your name will link to your site, people curious about who you are and why are you everywhere in internet marketing niche, they will visit your site. Now it is up to you if you are able to leverage that exposure. Offer an ebook “7 commenting blog tips for being rockstar like me”, have a series of great posts. Make them stick!

There are other benefits, but I guess we have established that blog commenting in 2016 is worth the effort.

5 Tips for Being Commenting King

To become a great blog commentator or commenter, you need to obey simple principles. Like consistency, discipline and adding something to the topic. Here are the tips!

1- Disagree to the blog author

Yes. This will either get your comment disapproved or approved, depending upon how good your disagreeing point is. However disagree in such a way you add something to the topic. If post is on “guest blogging is alive”, don’t just go and say “guest blogging is dead!”, explain why you think so. Give insights and be detailed.

Although this is seriously great commenting tip, that attracts attention, it can ruin your repo as well! So take it with a grain of salt! This like a comment magnetic tip, right? If you are right on your point, people reading comments (there exist these people!), they will praise you for your knowledge. Yes, it’s likely the blog author can be arrogant to not agree with you, but that’s unlikely if you got a point!

2- Do not be a commenting bot!

Don’t just say “great post. I just stumbled upon your blog through friend’s recommendation. Believe me, you have a great writing style!”, because that’s what bots say! That’s a generic fucking comment. It says 0% about post’s contents, includes no name and is applicable for 100 million other blogs, right? People don’t want to hear that.

Instead a comment like following does a good job explaining things:

“Karan, your point about ethical hacking being ethical resonated with me. I agree that hacking for right reasons, for finding security holes and vulnerabilities is noble. Most people when hear the term ‘hacking’ inherently deem the field to be mischievious, when in reality, that is not the case. There are people like Rafay Baloch, X and Y, who serve through their hacking skills. Loved your post!”

3- Proper English Grammar

Proper English and punctuation go a long way to telling people who you are. If English is not your native language and you have a hard time being error-free, grab a grammar book. When you are commenting, you are not talking about blog author or their post, you are telling a story. A story about what you are, what you know and what you believe in.

Proper English grammar and punctuation say ‘I am well-educated and care enough about the topic to make sure there are no grammar mistakes in my comment”. So be a good boy or girl, get a English grammar book and know the rules! Of course, your first comment and 100th will be drastically different.

4- Be funny & engaging

Don’t write a Artificial Intelligence bot! You are human and certainly funny. Write like you talk. It will resonate with others and stop people from literally sleeping over your comments. Tell stories, be directly to the point. Nobody has the time to read your comments if they do nothing but sound like a history book.

Quotes do good as well. Stories go further. So make good use of both occasionally. You are not writing a comment, you are writing your autobiography 😛

5- Read the post before commenting

Of course, this goes without saying, but it’s shockingly surprising how many people don’t care to follow it. When you don’t know the posts’ contents, you either tend to write generic comments or comments with repeated remarks! You don’t want to do that. Yes, I understand you want to comment on 200 blog posts today, but that’s not the way to do it. Remember quality over quantity. Post on 20 comments, but make sure they are consistently good quality and know what they are talking about.

A lot of beginner commenters are hasty and say, ‘thank you for the post'(end of story!). To stand out of the crowd, you want to talk more! You want to ask questions about certain portions of the post. Consider these comments like mini-posts, they have to like a skirt. “Big enough to cover the subject, short enough to keep things interesting :P”


Do you have commenting tips you would like to share with me? I am a novice commenter as well & maybe with your tips, I can rock? Thanks a ton for reading!

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