5 Reasons Blogging is the Best in 2016

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I have been blogging for a while now. So I know a thing or two about it. The question that people ask the most when it comes to blogging is “why blog?”. This post is a little effort of mine to address that obvious question.

Here are 5 reasons to blog.

It improves your writing – It is a good way to practice writing. While it is a cliche, “practice makes your perfect”. I am not gonna advocate practice, instead just blog. Build a blog, write and publish things on it regularly. This is the best way to improve your writing style and your true voice. Plain and simple.

It is a great marketing tool – Especially if you are running a startup or building a product. Since I am a huge advocate of the 50/50 rule, I recommend you spend 50% time marketing your product.

It can serve a digital journal – If you are the kind of person who likes to document his life, blogging can be a great way. Yeah, physical journals are still predominant when it comes to journaling and probably showing your personal journal to the entire world is ridiculous, hear me out first. I am not asking you to publicize your blog. Instead password-protect it. Simple yet effective.

Blogging is fun – For the heck fun of it, why not blog? Blogging can be a productive hobby to possess. It makes your mind think, lets you explore ways to improve your blog and most of all, it gives you a property on the internet to experiment with. Be it SEO, content marketing or social media marketing, if you a have a blog and want to see the power of online marketing, blogging is the best way to go.

Blog for money – A great deal of people build blogs to make money. I do that as well, no shame in admitting. You can do that as well. Money comes through putting advertisement and by many other means. Read most frequently asked questions on blogging to better understand this topic.

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