5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog/Site in 2016

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Driving traffic to your blog or site can be really hard. Especially for blogs just hatched 2 weeks, it can be a really intimidating task. And… no matter how hard to come by traffic is, you need it. Immensely, right? Because this is what gets peoples’ eyeballs on your site, eventually leading them to click on your ads or sign up on affiliate sites. Point being: You can’t make money without traffic. And you can’t drive traffic without quality content. OK, let’s just say you got quality content factor covered, what’s something you could that could lead your content to going viral or somewhat discovered?

Well, today’s post answers exactly that question. Here come 5 ways to drive traffic to your blog in 2016. Have fun!

Make social sharing your friend

Social sharing means sharing your posts or pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. These social networks have a big audience, mostly just looking for information to absorb. More people use social networks to find interesting content than an RSS Feed Reader or Feedly to up to date with their favorite blogs. This may come as a bad news to many people and good news to others. Fact is if you consistently post good content on your social profiles and provide value to others, you can get a lot of traffic through these networks.

Take Action:  Sign up right away on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially StumbleUpon (you will learn later).

SEO-optimize your posts

A little less than 5 minutes it takes, but it is capable of making the greatest difference to your traffic. Be wise, invest those 5 minutes and reap great advantages. SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays great role in how well you are ranked in search engines, especially Google. Little tweaks such as doing some keyword research, knowing your competitors, adding target keyword in critical places of your post, etc. can make huge difference.

Take Action: Install & activate Yoast SEO. Configure it properly and make sure to read this tutorial.

Interlink your posts

This may only affect your bounce rate and pageviews, but still it helps both SEO and that. Google recommends that you internalink your posts for better navigation and for better user experience. Now what interlink means? This simply means that whenever you have relevant posts, you link them in the post you are writing. For example, I have interlinked my Yoast SEO tutorial above. Not just that, I have at points used “Read Also: ” thing throughout this post.

Take Action: Install & activate Inline Related Posts

Add a Popular Posts widget

This is similar to the tip shared before, but it is shockingly surprising how most bloggers don’t use it. How many times have you come a blog and looked for great posts to read? Matter of fact, popular posts are the contents with most views or comments to them. These reflect the true core values of a blog. Even if you don’t have many popular posts, just add this widget in your sidebar or make a separate page titled “start here”, so anyone new can make use of it. It helps user experience a ton. It not only maximizes your SEO for already-popular posts, but increase pageviews as well.

Take Action: Install & activate WordPress Popular Posts. Go to Appearance > Widgets, drag & drop ‘WordPress Popular Posts’ widget to your sidebar. Thank me later.

Share it on Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is that powerful social network that makes no headlines, but is so highly effective at driving traffic. Especially if your blog is about entertainment, news, arts, photography, personal development, computers or how to/DIY. Yeah, I have already mentioned Social Sharing essential, but this deserves its separate spot.

Fact is most people neglect it as just another social site, when in fact, it is the site many people use to find interesting content.

Take Action: Sign up on StumbleUpon. Share your most popular post in the RIGHT category.


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