About Me


Hello there,

I have been developing with WordPress for 4 years. Having built websites from mere blogs to highly functional sites, I like to boast of my skills. Literally, I live at WWW. Geographically Karachi, Pakistan is my residence. As of this writing, I am pursuing studies in Computer Science.

Though I am fluent at Urdu & English, I regularly use 5+ languages including HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XHTML, etc. Since 2011, I have acquired various developmental skills like phpMyAdmin, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr, Ghost, maintaining server, etc.

I develop WordPress themes as I write this.

  • Want a complete built website? I can help.
  • Want to secure your website? I’m listening.
  • Want to speed up your website? Superb, hire me!
  • Need customization in your theme? Hm-um.
  • Want to make sure your website is SEO-optimized? I’m all ears.
  • Want plain WordPress consultation? Sure.

So these were just a couple of services you may want to hire me for. Of course, that’s not a list of only-services-I-can-do. You can always message me if you want help with anything!

Other than this, I have been actively blogging.

My pieces have seen light of day at Freakify.com as well, which is a reputable web dev publication. I had written on topic of: 70 “Dumb” Blogging Mistakes You’re Likely to Commit


So that’s me. Having 4 years of dev & design experience under belt, I develop WordPress themes & freelance at Upwork. Last of all, if you want any WordPress-related help, why not let me help you.

The blog of Mairaj Pirzada, random Karachiite