Why I Blog Every Day

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I often tell myself that this is the lamest blog, ever. For that reason and to comply with my words, I blog here every day. More often that not, it’s personal rant against some brand, an opinion or a poorly researched blog post about some tool. This is yet another blog post. Yet another one written within less than 30 minutes. It’s not long and boring read, but it’s not valuable either. Because to be frank, I am not writing to be valuable. I am writing for myself. This blog serves as a personal journal, one with filters installed.

Now if through my hurried, rough writing, I help someone, great. If I don’t, well, that’s because that’s not what this blog is for. It is for me; for clarifying my thoughts and for the pure pleasure of blogging. Truth to be told, writing and publishing is a hobby of mine. And I try to do it every time I get. Another fact is that I hate Facebook, because of its filter bubbling us. Yet I am there, now with an activated ID (as of this writing). FB & my relationship is an on and off. Sometimes I just activate my account for some reason. Other times, I keep it downright shut, so it doesn’t interrupt the busy creative work I do.

To answer the reason question of this blog post, I will say: I blog every day, because it’s effective. Effective at improving at blogging. Secondly, I blog every day or at least I try to, because that clicking that shiny blue “Publish” button feels warm!

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