Case Study: Power of Search Engine Optimization

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One of my websites is focused on mobiles’ specifications niche, so I get to examine sites well-ranking in that niche. Since the niche is fiercely crowded, things have to be smart rather than hard worked. There are giants like GSMArena,, Cnet, NDTV and PhoneArena. They are all really old. They have funding in place. Staff? Check. Budget for technical SEOs? Check. To try to compete with sites as old and SEO-powerful as GSMArena is probably ridiculous, I admit that. Fact is that’s not what I am trying to do here: Not competiting or trying to take over them in search rankings. No, sir. That’s not the motive, at all.

I wish to stand beside them is all. For that, a few little rivals have to be subsided in search rankings. A tiny chunk of their search rankings is enough to generate huge ROIs, something I am absolutely obsessed about. So.. the ultimate question is not of whether this is possible or not, this is definitely possible. The question is of SEO. How good must it for the site I am trying to rank. How good is it relative to competitors. Obviously links from TechCrunch are highly authoritative and tend to do most of SEO work. And GSMArena, Cnet have that. Another one of the reasons, this is but time waste.

Bear with me though. It’s nothing more than a tiny little test project. Here’s my site, btw:

Yesterday I searched for “samsung galaxy s7 specifications”, guess what’d I got? THIS:

samsung galaxy s7 specifications   Google Search

The site highlighted in screenshot above has little to no content. I mean, it’s only 68 pages (ones indexed) checked through operator. It’s position in SERP as of this writing is 5th. Though that’s not the best spot, still for a site with as little as 62 pages ranking as well as that is surprising. The site however may not be best designed or have great number of pages, it certainly has what it promises in its title: Samsung Galaxy S7 review, specs and prices. Yeah, affiliate links here and there and Google AdSense.

Plus.. it is ranking higher than and, both of which are popular sites in the niche with tones of pages and content. And.. a history to boast of. As for’s history? See this:

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Not much history, right? It’s only launched in mid-2015.

Most surprising thing is that yesterday the SERP of I showed above looked like this:

specifications of Galaxy S7   Google Search

That, for those who don’t know, is Google Knowledge Graph. A user searching will mostly likely click a result like this, won’t he? For that reason, such spot like this is really desired! This is above GSMArena and other really old and highly authoritative sites. All being outranked by a site as long as a year, with content filled with affiliate links and all. This spot will definitely send a ton of traffic to this site, sure and probably lots of affiliate commissions as well.

This is the power of SEO. I am not going to discuss how he does it. Or why sites as powerful and revered as GSMArena lag behind in this case. My point was to try to illustrate/highlight the power of SEO. To those saying, “SEO is dead”. I have one thing to say: “the more you say this, the more you leave money¬†for us, SEOs. Thank you from all of us.”

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