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What is Trello? How It Makes You Productive?

One of the best productivity tools is Trello. It’s also a very efficient tool. Productivity is how much stuff you get done with respect to time. The more output you get, the better the productivity. It works like that. For developers and designers online, productivity is really important. Especially for those of us who are dependent upon themselves to motivate themselves to work, or else they don’t make a living. Men employed by organizations and companies most definitely have someone over them to push to them, to scare them and to make them get shit done. However there are still … Read More

ROI is more important than price tag

This is more of a opinion piece than a fact. I believe ROI or return on investment to be more important and crucial than price tag a product, service or anything else. Instead of trying various tactics to negotiate to bring price tag lower for a product, look at the time this product will save you. If it is a stand-by generator, instead of thinking that it costs 54K PKR, think of how much time it will save by providing electricity in times of electric outages (common in Pakistan). Instead of the price tag, think how much money you can … Read More

3 Reasons You Need to Quit Facebook

Most of you know that I hate Facebook and am not its user. Reason? Well, instead of one I will give you three primary reasons that you need to deactivate your account. I have been a Facebook in and off for last 5 years. 2016 is the year, I quit it totally and it’s been paying off. Of course, it’s the garbage-filled social network or maybe it’s my feed or people I follow who suck. Regardless of that, it’s not at all rare to find God-awful shit on the network, which is totally unbearable.

Vines, vines & vines

They are … Read More

Introducing SocialRammers, social network for developers!

Hey guys,

People who know me(maybe they are not reading this though :P), know that FB is on my blacklist. I hate it, have my account deactivated since start of 26th December 2015. Twitter is cool, it at least does not have “filter bubbles“, which FB employs predominantly to keep users online. Filter bubble in a nutshell is the phenomena of making a space/site so personalized that you only see what you “should” be concerned about. In such a bubble, you are only lead to interact and befriend people who “you may know”. FB knows that by cross-checking … Read More

What is Pomodoro Technique? How & Why It Works

Productivity is about getting more done in less time, right? Well, it has many aspects other than just doing. There is time management, to do lists, techniques and more than you imagine. As you know, productivity is crucial for every individual and organization, because it determines how much output is made. For artists, developers and designers, it matters because, well, of course, it is responsible for how much you get done each day. There are many tips, tricks and hacks regarding productivity. Not just that, whole blogs are dedicated to understand how one can optimize his output rate. Like Lifehacker, … Read More