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50/50 Rule: 50% marketing & 50% product development

This is one of the excited moments for entrepreneurs: you get a great product idea and you dedicated a great deal of time every day improving that product. Be it a WordPress plugin, software, open source script or an eCommerce store, it feels exciting to work on it, right? At this moment, the product is not even launched. There is approximately 12 months of work to be done. It is a lot of time and you got plenty of features to add. What, if instead of constantly working on the product, you also market it?

That is what 50/50 Rule … Read More

Flipkart to go “app only”. Oh my!

Oh my! A very popular Indian eCommerce company, Flipkart, has decided to go “app only”. All over the startup-osphere, this shocking news has been circulating. Shocking? Yeah, shocking! Why? Well, because to go “app only”, means that they will no longer be selling products via their website. Instead their Android and iPhone applications will be the only ways they will sell via.

Sure, this news will sadden a lot many loyal users of the company, who previously used to use website. Now.. they are being forced to use the company’s apps.

Well, to say the least, I am pretty excited … Read More