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Most Extensive List of Commands for OK Google

OK Google is your personal virtual assistant, capable of doing a whole lot of things. Available for iOS and Android phones, it gets updated very regularly. With a verbal command, it can set an alarm, remind you to do laundry, search for things and read you straight answers. And much more. OK Google has capabilities that puts it in under rivalry of Cortana and Siri.

While it can do many many things, but you need a command. A command that works and gives answer back in a Now Card. What’s a Now Card? That’s as simple as a calculator displayed … Read More

Windows 10: Coming Soon

Windows 10 is coming soon. By soon, I mean on the 29th of July (this month!). I am so excited about it. Windows 10 (initially codenamed Threshold) was announced in September 2014 at Build 2014. At the said event, Microsoft also announced Microsoft Edge, company’s upcoming web browser. It said that Windows 10 will be packaged with Microsoft Edge and not so notoriously buggy Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 screenshot

Talking about Edge, it will be minimal like the rest of the OS. Users will be able to take notes, highlight portions of page, share them with others and save favorite pages for later. … Read More

So what’s a bitcoin? How does it work?

Bitcoin, for those who’re not familiar, is a new type of currency. It’s based on peer-to-peer network, set of protocols, digital wallets and a currency that operates very differently than traditional currencies. It’s also called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is purely digital and no equivalent form it exists in offline world. That certainly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value in offline world. In fact, as of this writing, 1 Bitcoin unit equals 285.78 US dollars. Whoa! Whoa, right?!

The way bitcoin system works is that it works just like email. You can send, receive or alternatively do shopping without the need … Read More