Most Extensive List of Commands for OK Google

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OK Google is your personal virtual assistant, capable of doing a whole lot of things. Available for iOS and Android phones, it gets updated very regularly. With a verbal command, it can set an alarm, remind you to do laundry, search for things and read you straight answers. And much more. OK Google has capabilities that puts it in under rivalry of Cortana and Siri.

While it can do many many things, but you need a command. A command that works and gives answer back in a Now Card. What’s a Now Card? That’s as simple as a calculator displayed when you search for calculator in Google. Simple. If you search for Karachi weather, you get nice little box with major weather insights from Karachi city, right? That’s Now Card for weather. There are many other Now Cards like countdown timer, movie releases, nutrition facts, who what and why cards, etc.

You could search what is the birthday of barack obama, you will get something like this:

what is the birthday of barack obama   Google Search

Of course, there are many other commands that Google Now or OK Google complies with. Google Now’s voice commands can answer almost anything from making conversions to defining words and answering questions like when world war 2 ended in a smart way. Truth is there is no comprehensive list of commands which Google Now or OK Google follows. It is mostly just┬átesting what it can or cannot do.

However there is one unofficial resource with a list of all these commands.

It is called OK Google. It’s fantastic. Try it.

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