Hey guys, resurrecting “thisismairaj.com”

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11Hey guys (I doubt there’s anyone though),

This domain name thisismairaj.com had, although, been showing an “Under Maintenance” notice but that ought no longer be the case. Why? Well, that’s purely because this site is going back or because, I intend to do just that. Okay, here’s the deal: Previously despite the fact that I had this domain name thisismairaj.com registered, I blogged for a while at thisismairaj.wordpress.com (yeah, that costs none). I was paying yearly domain fee and hosting expenditures, but as lame as it is I was not putting the site to any use.

I hope that changes today. Because I’m migrating all the posts, comments and anything from old address (thisismairaj.wordpress.com) to this new address. The point is to put my money to use. Anyway let’s cut to the chase:  I am to blogging here from now on. And.. who am I? And why should you care?

My name is Mairaj Pirzada. I am nothing more than a random dude from Karachi, Pakistan. My day to day activities would describe me as a blogger and computer science student. And you should not care, plain and simple. However you might want to care if you’re a friend, family or anyone with slightest bit of interest in technology. Right, this blog is and will always be focused at technology, computers and everything in between.

No, I am not making any promise that I will post here everyday but I will try my best to. Pleased to meet you 🙂

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