What is Hobby Blogging VS Professional Blogging

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Broadly speaking, there are two types of blogging. First is plain blogging. Second is professional blogging. In this post, we will learn the differences between both. And.. which is better as per aspects?

First… blogging is simply writing content and publishing it on a website (called blog), which displays posts/entries in reverse chronological order. Exactly same is the case with professional blogging. Except the way simple blogging & professional blogging is done and the results of both are very different. One can blog as a hobby, other has to be done professionally. With the rise of internet, blogging has been so strealined that there are thousands of blogs created every single day. Some are created just for fun, or as a hobby. Vast majority of these blogs are formed to make money. Simple. Sure, most of these bloggers fail to make blogging as their source of income, but some do.

Blogging as a hobby

Simple blogging on a particular topic like computers, technology, news, personal stuff, quotes or valuable resources concerning a field can be termed as Hobby Blogging. Such blogging is not very serious and therefore does not take a huge chunkk of blogger’s time. It is merely blogging in its true sense. The blogger can and do leave this blog whenever he is bored. He is not committed to blogging. In this type of blogging, the blogger:

  • does not expect money made
  • he does not monetize this blog
  • the blog does not have to be tailored for SEO (if done, good!)

These bloggers do not necessarily host sites on self-hosted WordPress.org. They go by free solutions available like Tumblr, Blogger.com and Medium. Hobby bloggers also tend to be the best bloggers, because they write for readers. Unlike professional bloggers, who tend to trick search engines for their traffic gain, so eventually they can make more money.

The Professional Blogging

Professional blogging is professional and usually the blogger is committed to it full-time. Which shows distinct seriousness in attitude towards blogging. A professional blogger blogs for professional or monetary gain. Either he is trying to build up a following, trying to make blogging a sales funnel to his product, blogging to direct traffic to his premium course (to make money of course). In this type of blogging, the traffic (amount of visitors you get) is of paramount of importance.

Many bloggers blog to make money and that’s ok. Because to make money, they need to provide value via text-based content, videos or audios (podcast), or they else they don’t stand a chance in SEO world. Without providing value to their readers, there won’t be any traffic and the blogger won’t be by definition professional.

Professional bloggers are either those who by definition make money or those with credibility in the blogging niche (like myself :P). Money-making is often the end goal. These blogs are well-designed, taken seriously, good content is posted and money is made. Professional blogs usually show ads to their readers to make money. These blogs are often affiliate marketing or making money through Google AdSense.

Which is better?

I hate to say this, but it really depends. If you are blogging to make a buck, you are professional blogging. Even if you don’t make money yet, what you do is professional blogging. It’s about the intentions, not the end means. It is not like professional bloggers are superior or vice versa. It’s more about the purpose. There are hobbyist bloggers, who make no dime through their blog and have better content than bloggers churning out money every day.

As for me, I am a professional blogger. I blog to make money and if you are interested in professional blogging, read this blog! 🙂

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