Introducing SocialRammers, social network for developers!

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Hey guys,

People who know me(maybe they are not reading this though :P), know that FB is on my blacklist. I hate it, have my account deactivated since start of 26th December 2015. Twitter is cool, it at least does not have “filter bubbles“, which FB employs predominantly to keep users online. Filter bubble in a nutshell is the phenomena of making a space/site so personalized that you only see what you “should” be concerned about. In such a bubble, you are only lead to interact and befriend people who “you may know”. FB knows that by cross-checking your location, IP, common friends, common interests, colleges, schools, etc.

One word for FB: It sucks. Oops. That’s two.

Not entirely of course. There are ways FB proves its worth and should be applauded for that. But for being so damn distracting, it must be banned throughout the internet! 😛 Just my 0.2 cents.

So SocialRammers is an effort of mine to provide space for myself and others to hang out with like-minded people. In this case, the site is targeted towards developer, programmers and freelancers. I am a freelancer myself and know a handful of languages. Kind of I am its ideal target user, okay?

Head over to SocialRammers now. Register yourself. There’s not much going on there, but there will be if I have your precious support.

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