Is SEO easy?

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SEO or search engine optimization has always fascinated me. Reason? It’s constantly changing. It’s mysterious in nature and it’s really like decrypting an encryption. Definitely hard, but most definitely fun. Though I have not ranked high volume keywords or made millions ranking niche affiliate sites. But I believe to have firm grasp over SEO basics. These basics though are, I believe, enough for a legit site. It’s a good combination of on page SEO and Off Page SEO. Things like making the copy like a skirt; ‘A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

Adding visually interesting pictures to the post, making sure keyword research has been done and target keyword has been added throughout the post. It’s interesting to optimize for on page SEO. In this post, we will discuss if SEO is easy or not.

Is SEO easy?

Search Engine Optimization has many aspects; technical SEO, site structure, on page SEO, keyword research and off page SEO. It’s the art of making websites or web page rank better in search engines, especially Google. The reason novice users find SEO hard is because of its mysterious nature, because of its unpredictable nature. Google has more than 200 search ranking factors which influence a page’s ranking in search results.

Things like following impact a page’s search ranking:

  • is the target keyword in page title?
  • is the target keyword in the start of page title or end?
  • does the target keyword appear in first paragraph?
  • how often is it present in a post? what’s the keyword density?
  • what is the page word length?
  • is the keyword present in meta description?
  • are there images in the post? do images contain alt tag?

Search engine optimization is a puzzle; it’s an art. It’s hard. It’s simple. But is profitable as HELL!

The return on investment (time, effort, etc.) is better than most professions.


SEO is hard. Because it’s mysterious, but if you are truly interested in learning it, it will be easy for you.

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