Case Study: Power of Search Engine Optimization

One of my websites is focused on mobiles’ specifications niche, so I get to examine sites well-ranking in that niche. Since the niche is fiercely crowded, things have to be smart rather than hard worked. There are giants like GSMArena,, Cnet, NDTV and PhoneArena. They are all really old. They have funding in place. Staff? Check. Budget for technical SEOs? Check. To try to compete with sites as old and SEO-powerful as GSMArena is probably ridiculous, I admit that. Fact is that’s not what I am trying to do here: Not competiting or trying to take over them in … Read More

Specialist VS Generalist

Lately I am noticing generalist vs specialist competition. It’s the competition of niche and of market share. It is an unending battle of customers’ base and users’ base. The thing is a particular restaurant who has a 3-page based menu has much less customers than one with 1-3 menu items. The former of two types of businesses is generalist, because they are more like a general menu. They are not specialist at what they do. They are a jack of all trades, but master of none. Therefore they offer everything they can think of on their menu. Anything that can … Read More

Eid ul Fitr 2016 Mubarak to everyone

Hey guys, it’s Eid ul Fitr today. It’s an annual muslim holiday, marked by the end of Islamic month Ramadan. On this day, muslims celebrate it by giving and receiving Eidi (sum of money) to children. In various countries, chocolates are also given besides Eidi. Now I don’t exactly know the reason it is celebrated, but it’s really sacred and 1.5+ billion muslims throughout the world celebrate it.

It is like a reward after 30 days of fasting, performing prayers and doing good deeds. Eid-ul-Fitr brings with itself a number of joys, most of all, it’s the source of a … Read More

What This is Mairaj blog is really about

It is not about blogging, marketing, WordPress, development, computer science or programming. It is not about me, not about my family or what I do or don’t do or what I like or don’t like. It’s not about teaching, not about documenting what I learn. It has none to do with my qualifications, day to day activities or about my ventures or aspirations.

This is Mairaj is an effort at writing & publishing daily. No, I don’t mostly share its posts on Twitter or FB. All that happens here stays here, shared nowhere. In fact, no amount of time is … Read More

How to Suck At Blogging in 3 Steps!

Blogging is hard; but it’s simple. Every day, thousands of people start blogging. Most lost interest with time, others carry on for sometime but then fail to make money from blogging. It’s not that this person did not try hard, or that they were stupid, it was mostly just a few things that made him SUCK at blogging. A lot of bloggers out there suck. That’s cold harsh truth. Mistakes like writing lengthy, highly detailed posts but not taking the time to craft it well. I mean, who reads Wikipedia, right?!

These are preventable things. Now I don’t claim to … Read More

ROI is more important than price tag

This is more of a opinion piece than a fact. I believe ROI or return on investment to be more important and crucial than price tag a product, service or anything else. Instead of trying various tactics to negotiate to bring price tag lower for a product, look at the time this product will save you. If it is a stand-by generator, instead of thinking that it costs 54K PKR, think of how much time it will save by providing electricity in times of electric outages (common in Pakistan). Instead of the price tag, think how much money you can … Read More

5 Reasons Blogging is the Best in 2016

I have been blogging for a while now. So I know a thing or two about it. The question that people ask the most when it comes to blogging is “why blog?”. This post is a little effort of mine to address that obvious question.

Here are 5 reasons to blog.

It improves your writing – It is a good way to practice writing. While it is a cliche, “practice makes your perfect”. I am not gonna advocate practice, instead just blog. Build a blog, write and publish things on it regularly. This is the best way to improve your … Read More

5 Great Plugins for WordPress Comments Management

Managing WordPress comments can be a hassle. It does not have to be though. There are alternatives and tweaks you can make to the default WordPress comment system that will enhance user experience, let you grab more email subscribers and generally let you do a lot more. In this post, we explore 5 super WordPress plugins to manage comments. Comments is an essential and critical aspect of any site.

You don’t want it to look same as another site, do you? For that reason, you can use Disqus Comment System or Facebook Comments, which completely transform the way one comments. … Read More

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog/Site in 2016

Driving traffic to your blog or site can be really hard. Especially for blogs just hatched 2 weeks, it can be a really intimidating task. And… no matter how hard to come by traffic is, you need it. Immensely, right? Because this is what gets peoples’ eyeballs on your site, eventually leading them to click on your ads or sign up on affiliate sites. Point being: You can’t make money without traffic. And you can’t drive traffic without quality content. OK, let’s just say you got quality content factor covered, what’s something you could that could lead your content to … Read More

Most Extensive List of Commands for OK Google

OK Google is your personal virtual assistant, capable of doing a whole lot of things. Available for iOS and Android phones, it gets updated very regularly. With a verbal command, it can set an alarm, remind you to do laundry, search for things and read you straight answers. And much more. OK Google has capabilities that puts it in under rivalry of Cortana and Siri.

While it can do many many things, but you need a command. A command that works and gives answer back in a Now Card. What’s a Now Card? That’s as simple as a calculator displayed … Read More

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