4 Super Google Tools to Grab Plenty of Blog Post Ideas!

Every blogger once in a while hits the wall and cries “what do I write about?!”. It happens to most people. Unless you are some rare breed of homo sapiens who has ideas without struggling for them, do not read this post. This post details 4 practical ways in which Google tools give you blog post ideas. These blog post ideas are highly actionable, that you can grab plenty of ideas within 10 minutes of search. Ideas are ubiquitous and elusive, they are everywhere and they are nowhere. That’s how paradoxical their nature is. I have been a blogger for … Read More

3 Solid Reasons to Start Building Email List in 2016

In 2016, the best thing you can do for growing your business is build an email list. Why? Read on..

In this noisy digital world, email address is probably the most precious string of information. The more of these you have, the more money you can make. Of course, plain simple list of thousands of emails won’t do anyone any good, but if trust factor is no problem and the you serve a purpose, you can make plenty of money. The expression “money is in the list” puts it right. Building a email list is tough and takes years to … Read More

Why Traffic is Everything in Blogging?

Traffic is mainly the number of visitors a website receives. The truth is : traffic is everything. More than readership, it is traffic that makes you money. Loyal readers are cool to have and are certainly people who buy your courses, books, etc. But before they are readers, they are nothing but numbers on your Google Analytics dashboard. No matter what your blog is about, no matter if it is even a blog or even if you have 1000s of posts, if you have nobody to see those posts, you have nothing. It might offend some people, but the fact … Read More

20 Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging in 2016

Hello in today’s post, I answer 20 of most frequently asked questions about blogging. In 2016, there are going to be millions of new bloggers and they need assistance with blogging. Most are oblivious to what a blog is and how is it capable of making money. This post answers those questions in a ‘to the point’ format. Sole intention of this post is to help friends and family understand basics of blogging.

There are literally thousands of blog posts on “what, why and how” of blogging. And they are all good, just not as good as people need. People … Read More

What is Hobby Blogging VS Professional Blogging

Broadly speaking, there are two types of blogging. First is plain blogging. Second is professional blogging. In this post, we will learn the differences between both. And.. which is better as per aspects?

First… blogging is simply writing content and publishing it on a website (called blog), which displays posts/entries in reverse chronological order. Exactly same is the case with professional blogging. Except the way simple blogging & professional blogging is done and the results of both are very different. One can blog as a hobby, other has to be done professionally. With the rise of internet, blogging has been … Read More

50/50 Rule: 50% marketing & 50% product development

This is one of the excited moments for entrepreneurs: you get a great product idea and you dedicated a great deal of time every day improving that product. Be it a WordPress plugin, software, open source script or an eCommerce store, it feels exciting to work on it, right? At this moment, the product is not even launched. There is approximately 12 months of work to be done. It is a lot of time and you got plenty of features to add. What, if instead of constantly working on the product, you also market it?

That is what 50/50 Rule … Read More

5 Freakin’ Tips to Become Blog Commenting King for 2016

Commenting has been one of my favorite time-pass activities. Though nowadays, I don’t comment much. But it used to be a pretty productive way to spend time. It was more of a hobby than a professional tactic for blogging gains. Blog commenting in 2016 is not the hottest topic, because its highest peak was in 2011 I guess. In a nutshell, you get tonnes of exposure, some traffic and Google bots crawling all over your site! Not just that, with regular blog commenting within a certain community, you tend to be known. To be known is marketing. And.. where you … Read More

10 Super-Duper Writing Tips for Bloggers in 2016

Writing is a skill, that means one can learn it, improve it and even master it. Yes, some people are lucky enough to be called talented writers. Most are not that way. Writing industry is full of people with not so much talent, but a ton of sold copies under their name. That’s right. It does not matter how talented or not so talented. Most legendary artists┬álike Hemingway, Picasso, Mozart, etc. were probably talented, therefore they gave us great writing pieces, marvellous paintings and breathtaking piano items. But if you read a bit about them, you will find they … Read More

Top 4 WordPress Tips & Tricks for Serious Bloggers

Are you new to WordPress? Are you struggling to make sense of this great CMS? Are you looking for actionable tips to help you get started? Well, we’ve got you covered.

One of the best aspects of WordPress community is that there is plenty of advice. Not just advice, but invaluable tips and tricks that help everyone grow their sites. Today I bring one such list of tips and tricks for WordPress bloggers. Many of seasoned WP users already know a handful of these, but most of you don’t. With the help of these, you should be able to improve … Read More

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