What This is Mairaj blog is really about

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It is not about blogging, marketing, WordPress, development, computer science or programming. It is not about me, not about my family or what I do or don’t do or what I like or don’t like. It’s not about teaching, not about documenting what I learn. It has none to do with my qualifications, day to day activities or about my ventures or aspirations.

This is Mairaj is an effort at writing & publishing daily. No, I don’t mostly share its posts on Twitter or FB. All that happens here stays here, shared nowhere. In fact, no amount of time is spent on blog’s promotion. Whatever you see here is practice, opinion and an imperfect piece of writing. It’s not perfect, I admit. And it’s intentionally imperfect.

Whatever I post here takes no more than an hour to write. In fact, my personal goal is to write and publish it within an hour. No matter if it is properly written, crafted or is the best post on its topic. It just is whatever it is after an hour of practice. You saw the post on Frequently Asked Questions about Blogging? It is beyond 1800+ words and took me rougly an hour to write if I remember correctly. Maybe that was because the topic was something I have been practicing for last 5 years, therefore it was a quick write?

Maybe it was rushing adrenaline? Regardless of that, the point is this blog is about nothing and everything. But in its most basic sense of purpose, it is about publishing daily. End of story. Period.

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