Specialist VS Generalist

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Lately I am noticing generalist vs specialist competition. It’s the competition of niche and of market share. It is an unending battle of customers’ base and users’ base. The thing is a particular restaurant who has a 3-page based menu has much less customers than one with 1-3 menu items. The former of two types of businesses is generalist, because they are more like a general menu. They are not specialist at what they do. They are a jack of all trades, but master of none. Therefore they offer everything they can think of on their menu. Anything that can be sold.

Does not matter they are named “Super Biryani”, generalists start selling ice-cream, tikka booti, broast, naan, roti, fried fish and they go as far as a zinger burger. These businesses think if they will have everything a customer may be interested in, they will have a demand for their menu items.

Whereas Specialists are like Samsung, only working on mobiles’ department. Or like Google, who sure has a lot of distinctly differnt services to boast of, but none in hardware so far. Not exactly an hardware selling company.

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