How to Suck At Blogging in 3 Steps!

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Blogging is hard; but it’s simple. Every day, thousands of people start blogging. Most lost interest with time, others carry on for sometime but then fail to make money from blogging. It’s not that this person did not try hard, or that they were stupid, it was mostly just a few things that made him SUCK at blogging. A lot of bloggers out there suck. That’s cold harsh truth. Mistakes like writing lengthy, highly detailed posts but not taking the time to craft it well. I mean, who reads Wikipedia, right?!

These are preventable things. Now I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject. But I know enough to say… I know how to suck at blogging.

In this post, we discuss 3 things you can do to suck at blogging

Post whenever you have something to say

Shut up! I mean literally disappear from the radar, if you don’t have anything to say. You cannot count on that, man. Fact of matter is most of the time you won’t be able to think up blog post ideas. And that’s okay. If you want to truly suck at blogging, do nothing. Write a post when that idea lightning hits you after 2 weeks. This way, while you will have enough time to write good stuff and you will probably gain a few readers, but that’s not all.

You get to also sustain that readership. And that happens when you are publishing stuff regularly. Unless you are ViperChill, who posts once every two months (I see this changing on his blog) and are able to write 5000+ words, highly detailed posts, do not post things when you have to say. Find things to say, for God’s sake!

Blog for income generation, not readers!

This is what bloggers who suck do! They sign up on Blogger, post 10 articles and make money the next month. Man, give it a rest! It does not work like that. If blogging were a make-money-quick-scheme, 90% of the bloggers won’t be quitting it within first 6 months! It takes effort, time and patience to build a relatively popular blog and then make money off it.

In fact after being in the industry for more than 5 years, I know not one blogger who made decent money within first 6 months of blogging. To suck at blogging in best possible way, constantly try to monetize your blog. Get AdSense, put Affiliate banners at every other inch of the blog and indirectly keep yelling “click ads! click ads!”

Give blogging at least 2 years, if you are so into income generation! But for income generation to happen, focus on readers first and foremost.

Constantly keep changing blog design

Want to be pro sucking at blogging? Go to WordPress themes, get yourself a new one every day. Do this for straight 30 days and I will personally certify you as the ‘greatest blogging sucker’! A blog’s design is its identity, its brand and all. Take it away every now and then, you don’t have a blog! Well, you do have a blog, but one that’s identified as nothing, because it’s constantly changing its name.

A good design is a must, but nothing is worse than constantly changing themes. Yeah, customize it with HTML/CSS from here and there, but overhauls mostly hurt SEO & readers’ experience. Try to choose one & stick to it for an year, then give blog a redesign !


Those were just 3 major things to do to suck at blogging. Are you going to be a blogging sucker?

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