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How & Why Change Permalinks Structure in WordPress?

Permalinks stand for permanent links. WordPress has a set of pattern options available for sites to use. It is entirely up to you which of these you use. Go to Settings > Permalinks to find those options. On new WordPress installations, default permalinks look like http://domain.com/?p=123 called “Plain”. Obviously if this post’s URL was like that, it would have gave no clue as to the contents of this page without opening the page, would it? Had the title been like it is right now http://thisismairaj.com/why-change-permalinks, it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? That’s what this is about: making sense … Read More

3 Things to Do Right After Installing WordPress

WordPress is a really powerful content management system. And just like with Windows or Mac OS, it has a default form and set of features which are built in the software. Right after installation, be it Windows or Mac OS or WordPress, they are representing just core. At this time, for OS’s, no third-party softwares are installed. Same goes for WordPress, no plugins come installed by default with the exception of Akismet and Hello Dolly (which are deactivated though).

Anyway it is always to have a checklist of items to do right after installing WordPress on a new site. This … Read More

Configure Yoast SEO plugin: Social

<< Part 1: Configure Yoast SEO plugin: Titles & Metas and General

First of part of this Configure Yoast SEO plugin series delves into General and Titles & Metas pages. This part will explore you Social and XML Sitemaps pages. The reason this guide is being broken down in parts is because it helps digest a load of information. See Yoast SEO is a plugin that has evolved over years and has a ton load of options to configure. It is for this reason that this series comes to help novice WordPress users.

If you are not convinced about SEO, … Read More

Configure Yoast SEO plugin: Titles & Metas and General

Part 2: Configure Yoast SEO plugin: Social >>

Yoast SEO is that WordPress plugin that is almost the cornerstone of SEO for WordPress sites. For anyone who cares about traffic, a proper SEO setup is a must. You see, Search Engine Optimization is crucial in the success of any website. Be it a static business site, a blog, a social network or site of any kind, if it wants to stand a chance against its rivals, it must have a great SEO strategy. While we are not here to talk of SEO strategy, but Yoast SEO setup is a good … Read More

3 Reasons WordPress Is Best CMS

There have been more than a dozen of popularly known Content Management Systems. Joomla, Drupal, ModX, TextPattern and Umbraco among others. WordPress, as of this writing, has dominated the content management systems market. It is being used by a quarter of total websites, 25%. That dominance grows every year. No matter whether you want a corporate website, a simple blog or a little sophisticated support board, WordPress can do that for you. Even if you just want to announce your presence on the web, WordPress does that too. It can be used to build fairly complex websites to simple static … Read More

Dos & Donts of Freelancing

I won’t lie to you, freelancing is tough. Then anything worth the effort is. There are moments you feel on top of the world; others you feel pure idiot for putting up with “bad” clients. Regardless of the freelancing portal you use, Upwork, Elance or Fiverr, it is always pretty much the same. You either bid on a project describing why you should be awarded a given project or why your Gig (or service) should be ordered (on Fiverr). In all instances, communication with clients is of paramount importance. A classic example of DO. Sometimes communication is important than the … Read More

What is Fiverr, exactly? How & why is it so powerful?

For anyone new, why not read what is freelancing, reasons to start freelancing and how to start freelancing.

Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platforms. To say it has the lowest entry barriers would be an understatement. Anyone can join it today and make bucks tomorrow. Repeat, anyone can make money via it almost pretty much instantly. The clever concept is simple, however far more effective than anything the freelancing industry has seen. For anyone just stepping into freelancing, I would say Fiverr is the best place to start. Not only is it easy, it is very … Read More

How to Start Freelancing?

Now we’re talking. Please take time to go through these two articles if you’re new to the concept of freelancing: what is freelancing & reasons to start freelancing.

First off, freelancing is hard. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and lots of work. Just like any other self started business, it initially doesn’t look like much. However once it starts taking roots, you will have a hard time keeping up. Freelancing is an art; you need to learn to communicate, stay patient with clients and know how to get things done before the deadline. It is the … Read More

What is Freelancing? In Laymen’s Terms…

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. Its barriers to entry are really low. Freelancing industry is thriving at an incredible pace as we speak. Anyone be it adults, stay-at-home moms, artists and even students can make fairly good income freelancing. Best part? You get to work from wherever you’re comfortable home, cafe, bar or even toilet :P. There, of course, are prerequisites like skills, marketing and obviously ability to communicate in English. More than requisites, here’s what you do not need: You do not need a 4 year bachelor’s degree. You do not need to … Read More

Busting: Myths about Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has existed since search engines, late 1990s. Over 15 years have passed, thousands of articles, hundreds of books and millions of discussions have taken place about SEO. If you’re looking for a thriving and ever-changing industry, SEO is what you’re looking for! Over years, industry has evolved to a completely different stage. In late 1990s, keyword density would have brought you incredible results, now.. however engines are better than ever. You cannot just stuff a keyword X number of times and get results! A great many algorithms and penalties have been introduced by Google, to eradicate spammy … Read More