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Google PageSpeed Insights sucks hard time!

Do you know the one tool that I hate more than any other by Google? Well, it should be no surprise to page speed junkies, it is Google PageSpeed Insights.

It is a simple tool (seemingly) to help webmasters, developers and normal people analyze their website for speed. You see, web performance is officially a search ranking factor, so Google has this tool by which they score websites out of 100. While it seems to have been built to help developers, etc., for me it seems to have been built to frustrate and torture page speed junkies. Especially freelancers are … Read More

Dos & Donts of Freelancing

I won’t lie to you, freelancing is tough. Then anything worth the effort is. There are moments you feel on top of the world; others you feel pure idiot for putting up with “bad” clients. Regardless of the freelancing portal you use, Upwork, Elance or Fiverr, it is always pretty much the same. You either bid on a project describing why you should be awarded a given project or why your Gig (or service) should be ordered (on Fiverr). In all instances, communication with clients is of paramount importance. A classic example of DO. Sometimes communication is important than the … Read More

What is Fiverr, exactly? How & why is it so powerful?

For anyone new, why not read what is freelancing, reasons to start freelancing and how to start freelancing.

Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platforms. To say it has the lowest entry barriers would be an understatement. Anyone can join it today and make bucks tomorrow. Repeat, anyone can make money via it almost pretty much instantly. The clever concept is simple, however far more effective than anything the freelancing industry has seen. For anyone just stepping into freelancing, I would say Fiverr is the best place to start. Not only is it easy, it is very … Read More

How to Start Freelancing?

Now we’re talking. Please take time to go through these two articles if you’re new to the concept of freelancing: what is freelancing & reasons to start freelancing.

First off, freelancing is hard. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and lots of work. Just like any other self started business, it initially doesn’t look like much. However once it starts taking roots, you will have a hard time keeping up. Freelancing is an art; you need to learn to communicate, stay patient with clients and know how to get things done before the deadline. It is the … Read More

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Start Freelancing

Yesterday we discussed what freelancing is. Indirectly I mentioned a ton of benefits of freelancing; I did my best to explain why freelancing might be your thing. Now that intro is out of the way, let me further list down its benefits.

In Pakistan, experts on the subject are apparently doing their best to make more people aware of the concept. You will find seminars, workshops, webinars and even meetups held so people learn about it. This is clearly the best of things. It is an ultimate tool against unemployment for unemployed. With freelancing, people make even more than … Read More

What is Freelancing? In Laymen’s Terms…

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. Its barriers to entry are really low. Freelancing industry is thriving at an incredible pace as we speak. Anyone be it adults, stay-at-home moms, artists and even students can make fairly good income freelancing. Best part? You get to work from wherever you’re comfortable home, cafe, bar or even toilet :P. There, of course, are prerequisites like skills, marketing and obviously ability to communicate in English. More than requisites, here’s what you do not need: You do not need a 4 year bachelor’s degree. You do not need to … Read More