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Why Blog? 10 ‘Good Enough’ Reasons

Although I have been blogging on and off since 2011, but I have been preaching it the whole time. I like to say, ‘what alcohol is to alcoholics, blogging is to me’, which, sure, is a loose analogy but so what. As per that analogy, blogging can be as addictive as alcohol. I sure as hope blogging is not necessarily as harmful as excess alcohol. Why I love blogging as much as I do may be found out by the reasons shared. With this list of reasons, I try to convince everyone be it an student, adult, teenager, artists, online … Read More

6 WordPress Plugins I Install on a New Site

WordPress is probably the best Content Management System (CMS) as of now. Millions of websites run on this open source software and they’re making the best uses of it. The beauty of this software is that it is open source, which means that it is freely distributed and anyone looking to improve the software is welcome to do so. There are also thousands of plugins and themes available, especially designed to be compatible with WordPress sites. It’s amazing! Seriously. As per this writing, there are 41,990+ plugins hosted at official WordPress repository.

Plugins are similar to extensions and addons of … Read More