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How to Add New User Roles & Manage Capabilities in WordPress

WordPress uses the concept of user roles and their capabilities to manage what a user can or cannot do in the CMS> User Roles can be complicated.  By default, WordPress comes with following user roles: Subscriber, Author, Contributor, Author, Editor, Administrator and Super Admin. Each of these roles have a pre-defined set of things they can and cannot do. For example, a subscriber role can edit his profile and view the content, that’s that. Any user with Subscriber role cannot add, edit or delete a post. Whereas Contributor role has permissions up a notch, he can only add new posts, … Read More

How to Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress Site

Google Analytics is a great and insightful Google product that gives you deep insights about your site. It’s free, easy and fairly comprehensive. Not only does it tell you number of visits & pageviews, bounce rate (time spent by visitors), keywords, traffic sources, but it goes deeper than that. By tracking all these insights, you can make amends and optimizations to your site and improve them. For example, if visitors are spending more time pages with images, you could make implement more images, which will ultimately improve your bounce rate. Or if you see that a certain type of image … Read More

3 Things to Do Right After Installing WordPress

WordPress is a really powerful content management system. And just like with Windows or Mac OS, it has a default form and set of features which are built in the software. Right after installation, be it Windows or Mac OS or WordPress, they are representing just core. At this time, for OS’s, no third-party softwares are installed. Same goes for WordPress, no plugins come installed by default with the exception of Akismet and Hello Dolly (which are deactivated though).

Anyway it is always to have a checklist of items to do right after installing WordPress on a new site. This … Read More

A Guide to Blogger Dashboard

Built your first Blogger blog? And posted your first ever blog post, but not sure what next? Well, this guide helps with that.

Blogger is one of the pioneers of blogging. It was initially created by a Pyra Labs, which was later acquired by Google in 2003. Google, unlike Pyra Labs which charged for premium features, offered the service for free. Blogger is known to publicize the blogging format in early 2000s. Pyra Labs’ co-founder Evan Williams left Google in 2004 and later in 2008 became CEO of Twitter displacing Jack Dorsey who later sat on board. Later in 2012, … Read More