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Understanding SEO: How Google Works

Yesterday we discussed briefly what Search Engine Optimization is. Today, lets shift gears & learn how it works.

Worth repeating is this: SEO can make or break your online business. Although there are far more advanced techniques and methods used nowadays to improve search rankings or SEO, however, fundamentals should suffice here. There are more than a handful of search engines, Google stands the predominant market leader. So when one talks about SEO, he/she is most likely referring to the optimization for Google. Yeah, you cannot just optimize for every engine there is in one go; you need to target … Read More

Vivaldi browser is here…Chrome’s replacement?

Vivaldi is a brand new web browser from ex-Opera CEO Jo von Tetzchner and a ex-Opera cofounder. Vivaldi is a freeware software developed and distributed by Vivaldi Technologies. The story of Vivaldi goes like that Opera was built to community users in 1994 by two people. Within few years, it gained huge popularity and was on the verge of becoming a leading web browser. But then the browser’s direction changed, to something founders of the Vivaldi, did not believe, was where Opera was supposed to head.

The browser just got a new feature in a recent update. Yeah, another market … Read More