4 Super Google Tools to Grab Plenty of Blog Post Ideas!

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Every blogger once in a while hits the wall and cries “what do I write about?!”. It happens to most people. Unless you are some rare breed of homo sapiens who has ideas without struggling for them, do not read this post. This post details 4 practical ways in which Google tools give you blog post ideas. These blog post ideas are highly actionable, that you can grab plenty of ideas within 10 minutes of search. Ideas are ubiquitous and elusive, they are everywhere and they are nowhere. That’s how paradoxical their nature is. I have been a blogger for years and I know the struggle all too well. Even after years, I get stuck every now and then and so does every one else.

The solution is to have a step-by-step strategy or emergency; to put in action when you run out of ideas. Another good practice is to have a physical notepad to store ideas in. Anyway, let’s read the post.

Google Trends

What is trending in Pakistan? What is Indian people talked about from June to December then forgot?  How do people search? What queries are most common in December of every year? When do searches about Halloween spike? And other many questions like this are answered by nifty little tool, Google Trends. It is an insights’ machine. Built by Google for curious people, Trends keeps real-time track of all keywords that are fairly common.

It gathers search patterns, trends and collects that data over time. Then uses graphs to display the data. This data can be of high value to internet marketers, especially SEOs. Because for SEOs, knowing what’s being searched for, how and where can be useful in their analysis. For bloggers, this tool is a good news as well. Because by using it, you can get plenty of blog post ideas instantly.

  • Go to Google Trends
  • Search for a topic like “post ideas” (for me!) in top search box
  • On the next page, you will see interest in the query over time in a graph form
  • You can filter the result by reason, time span, category and Search Tool (Images Search, Videos Search, etc.)

To the bottom of the page, you can see “related searches” section. That’s the yummy cheese!


Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner/Tool is a free AdWords tool that helps search keyword and ad group ideas, see how they may perform. It helps advertisers, new or experienced, help in building Search Network campaigns. Google AdWords is that program that helps business owners, small or fortune 500 company, build keyword list and extend that keyword list by multiplying them by one another.

For bloggers and content marketers, it is an idea machine! Simply put in a few keyword ideas, it will present you many variations of that one. The simpler the keyword input, the better output you get. Simple as that. You do however need to sign up on Google Keyword Planner first.


Google Autocomplete Suggestions

You may already be familiar with this way, but still it’s surprising how many bloggers don’t use it as an idea machine. Remember those search suggestions we see while typing our search query? That’s what Google Suggestions are! They are displayed there, since they are commonly used to make searches. Try to write “how to write ….” And you will have tonnes of ideas starting with that phrase.


Google related search terms

This works differently than Google autocomplete suggestions. Even these suggestions or related terms can be a good source of blog post ideas. This is found at the bottom of SERPs (search engine results pages). For example if you search for “samsung reviews”, this is what you get.



I hope you found this little tutorial useful.

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