Vivaldi browser is here…Chrome’s replacement?

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Vivaldi is a brand new web browser from ex-Opera CEO Jo von Tetzchner and a ex-Opera cofounder. Vivaldi is a freeware software developed and distributed by Vivaldi Technologies. The story of Vivaldi goes like that Opera was built to community users in 1994 by two people. Within few years, it gained huge popularity and was on the verge of becoming a leading web browser. But then the browser’s direction changed, to something founders of the Vivaldi, did not believe, was where Opera was supposed to head.

The browser just got a new feature in a recent update. Yeah, another market player in the market. Since it’s not from just someone and belongs to ex-Opera CEO and cofounder. It has gained already gained popularity while in technical preview. As of this writing, fourth technical preview of the browser has launched and it’s also the last, before the browser officially enters the beta phase.


Vivaldi comes in a minimalistic style. It is based upon Chromium, same as Google Chrome. The new browser features Opera-like speed dial, tabs, ability to “stack” or “tile” tabs, ability to annotate bookmarks and more. Best thing about Vivaldi is that you can install all those Chrome extensions you cannot live without. So if you’re sick of Chrome’s performance issues, but still has to bear it then maybe Vivaldi is for you. Tetzchner has said that since the number of employees is just 25, he couldn’t build a web engine of his own from scratch, so he decided to go with either Mozilla’s engine, Gecko or Chrome’s engine WebKit. Eventually WebKit was chosen and Vivaldi has been made in a way so that it supports and has the capability to install Chrome extensions.

You can make the switch right away if you’re too eager. Here. With all those Chrome extensions, Vivaldi can be made incredibly powerful and maybe call it a “Chrome rival”?

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