Webmasters, care about speed, man! Pleeeaaassee??!!

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One thing that should be the focus of web designers and web developers alike, today, is web performance. That’s an area that’s in dire need of attention. Web performance, to define, is the time it takes for a website or a web page to load. I think of it as the backbone of User Experience. The faster a site loads or displays contents, the better the User Experience. In an an industry as fast-paced as ours, people tend to have lower attention spans. They are being dragged/begged for their attention from all sides. So.. an average cannot afford to wait for more than 2-3 seconds, at least, that’s my average wait time. After that, I hear the site/page say, “I don’t care about your user experience, so shut me down!”

One simply cannot afford to make a mistake as big as ignoring web performance. To emphasize my point, know that as per a research, 1 second delay in page load results in 7% reduction in conversions. That means loss of $2.5 million yearly if your site typically earns $100,000 per day. Whoa, right? That’s terribly surprising and tragic, knowing that all of this presumed loss is definitely preventable. Completely preventable. It’s almost like suffering from a darn deadly disease, but not curing it even though you’ve the cure. *sad*

A lot of bloggers especially don’t stop to ever think about this. They fill their blogs with lots of shiny widgets, ads and what not. Sure, the excitement of having control over a space on WWW is cheesy, but know that, not all that you add to your site leads to approval. Definitely not the best practice to fill your blog with lots of ads, widgets, etc. when you hardly have any content.

The giant tech corporate Google itself emphasizes web performance for websites. It has incorporated many things within it’s search engine to emphasize its point. In past, Google has declared page load time as a ranking factor. Besides that it has a very valuable resource called Optimizing Performance to educate webmasters on the said issue. Part of that initiative brought us PageSpeed Insights, I guess.

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