What is Trello? How It Makes You Productive?

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One of the best productivity tools is Trello. It’s also a very efficient tool. Productivity is how much stuff you get done with respect to time. The more output you get, the better the productivity. It works like that. For developers and designers online, productivity is really important. Especially for those of us who are dependent upon themselves to motivate themselves to work, or else they don’t make a living. Men employed by organizations and companies most definitely have someone over them to push to them, to scare them and to make them get shit done. However there are still a lot of people who are independent of such pressure.

What we do in this post is learn about Trello. We will learn about its benefits and how it makes you productive.

What is Trello?

Trello is a cool collaboration and organizational tool. It basically gives you a bird’s view of your project what’s going on, what’s remaining and who’s working on what. This application is one of those tools which balance the user friendliness and flexibility of features just best.

Trello can do so much stuff like organizing family chores, projects in flights, travel plans and just about how anything you give it. It’s visually compelling feature makes it neurologically powerful; because human brain registers visual information easier and firmly than plain text.


If you sign up on Trello and you should, you will see there are Trello boards. These boards are webpages containing lists placed in a horizontal order. A board may work as a project’s dashboard or something else. You can create as many boards as you like; one for freelancing and another for entrepreneurship. Don’t worry; these boards are private and can only be seen by people you share it with.

So you can add people to boards & this is what makes collaboration easy, because you can interact with them through lists, board and cards. Oh cards, cards are individual items within a list. They are basically discrete units of little chunks of information, can be dragged and dropped across other lists or reordered within its current list. These cards can contain checklist, colorful labels, attachments, images, description, etc.

Why use it?

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. — Paul J. Meyer

Trello makes organization part of productivity easy, fun and visual. Most people don’t really know what’s going with their time, what they did last week or where their time went yesterday. They just seem to pass through days without any knowledge of what’s going. They are just busy reacting to things as they happen. What they need is a clear and sharp knowledge of what’s going on, what are his goals this year and who’s doing what (if collaborating with someone).

And in this noisy digital life, so much is going on that keeping track of things is just really hard. Notebooks and todo lists are things of past. That’s where Trello comes to help you organize your projects. Use it because it’s really handy.


Trello is a great application and a powerful tool to keep in your possession. I use it regularly & it has helped me tremendously.

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